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Non-surgical skin tightening procedures grow in popularityMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Skin tightening procedures are growing in popularity due to ease, safety and speed.

Non-surgical skin tightening procedures grow in popularity

More people are exploring minimally-invasive and non-surgical procedures for their cosmetic needs, particularly skin tightening options such as ultherapy and laser skin resurfacing. These optionsrejuvenate and tighten the skin on the face, helping many achieve anti-aging benefits or eliminate loose skin following weight loss.

These procedures are often performed in conjunction with other cosmetic operations, such as Botox injections or more surgical-based procedures, such as a full facelift. Their benefits are just as prominent as stand-alone options, however.

Laser skin tightening – The use of lasers to resurface and/or tighten skin is accomplished by using powerful CO2 lasers to even out skin tone and remove blemishes and fine lines. This promotes collagen growth as well, filling out loose skin and tightening it in desired areas.

Ultherapy – The use of heat to promote collagen growth is one of the fastest and safest ways to tighten skin in target areas. Many people opt for ultherapyas a regular maintenance procedure following a facelift to prolong the benefits of the procedure, but it's also highly beneficial on its own.

Non-surgical operations offer many benefits beside skin tightening as well, and are growing in popularity due to their ease, safety and versatility. According to theAmerican Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery's Smart Beauty Guide, as these technologies improve so too do the advantages that men and women seeking to perfect their looks can receive.

If you're interested in skin tightening procedures or any other plastic surgery operations, contact the Long Island cosmetic surgery offices of Dr. James Marotta, a dual board certified facial plastic surgeon with a history of performingsuccessful procedures.

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