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Core Values Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

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Living Our Core Values

At Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists, our core values are more than just words — they are our PACT.


Patient-centric model


Attitude is


to care



A pact is a solemn agreement, covenant or promise. Our PACT is to do GOOD, and we act in alignment with that mission every day.

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What Does Our Pact Mean?

Our PACT is a set of guiding principles and fundamental beliefs that help us excel together as a team and provide exceptional care for our patients.

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Patient-centric Model

Our patients are the heart of our practice. Without them, we wouldn’t exist, and we make every decision knowing they are the most important ‘WHY’ behind what we do. We aim to create a positive, energizing and rewarding environment focused on finding the best ways to empower our patients and improve their daily lives. We put our patients first and strive to consistently exceed expectations. In action, a Patient-Centric Model looks like:

Treating everyone who walks through our doors with respect

Making our patients feel like family

Building relationships that last

Going above and beyond to create a memorable, rewarding experience

Attitude Is Everything

How we view our world shapes how we behave in it. When we commit to adopting a positive attitude every day, we create a positive environment for our patients and our staff to thrive in.

This approach benefits us all — it makes our practice a destination people are excited to be treated in and makes our work more enjoyable and fulfilling. In action, Attitude Is Everything looks like:

  • Having genuine passion for the work we do
  • Approaching each day with kindness, optimism and enthusiasm
  • Being open-minded and willing to change
  • Always working to better ourselves and the service we offer
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Commitment to Care

A commitment to care means never being satisfied with the status quo. All of us, whether we work in the procedure rooms or behind the front desk, are providers of care.

We do everything we can to protect the health, safety and well-being of our patients and each other. When it comes to maintaining high ethical standards, we align our actions with our words and seek to deliver more than what is expected. In action, our Commitment to Care looks like:

  • Acting with integrity
  • Employing the latest safety procedures and protocols
  • Fixing problems if something goes wrong
  • Working continuously to find better solutions and achieve better results
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Team Players Are A-players

We cultivate a culture that values personal growth as well as strong relationships.

Working together as a team allows us to accomplish much more than we would be able to achieve otherwise. As individuals, we take initiative when we notice issues so that the team and the practice can succeed. We always look for ways to serve each other and our patients better. In action, being Team Players looks like:

  • Helping each other discover and develop our talents
  • Communicating openly and honestly
  • Pitching in when needed, no matter how big or small the task
  • Being reliable, respectful and collaborative
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See Our PACT In Action

At Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists, we believe our PACT is essential to our success. Our commitment to these values, both in words and in actions, builds a stronger, better practice, benefiting all of our staff and patients. .

Our PACT is the foundation of the way we do business, the way we conduct ourselves and the way we treat others. We look forward to showing you the GOOD our values can do. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or inquire about employment opportunities

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When you schedule your consultation with Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists, you can feel secure that the decision you are making is the right one for you. Dr. Marotta’s expertise and skill make him a top Long Island plastic surgeon who enjoys answering your questions. Schedule your consultation today to begin your journey to looking good and feeling good.

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