Studies conducted by a range of institutions continue to express the importance of appearance in society. But changing the physical appearance of one’s body can be difficult, even with proper diet and exercise. If you feel as if you’re not able to put your best self forward, a body-enhancing plastic surgery procedure may be right for you.

At Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists, we offer a range of body procedures that are safe and effective, to help you obtain the body of your dreams. After undergoing a body procedure, many patients can take back control of their lives, strengthening their best physical qualities and eliminating those that hold them back from complete happiness.

Over time the body will change, due to the natural aging process, exposure to the elements, and genetic dispositions. Often, these changes cause patients to look – and to sometimes even feel – older than they actually are, causing their self-confidence and overall happiness to falter.

Body-based plastic surgery targets problem areas including droopy or sagging breasts, loose or hanging skin on the arms, legs or belly, and overall excess body fat. With a skilled surgeon’s help and expertise, patients can safely and effectively make a defining life change.

You should be proud to show off your body. Love the skin you’re in, and schedule a consultation with one of our trained physicians today to make a change.

At Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists, we offer: