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Nanofat Treatment on Long Island, NY

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Textural Problems in the Skin Are Tricky

While you can easily add volume to the skin to address sunken skin tissue, textural problems are rarely completely fixable with minimally or non-invasive procedures.

Acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots — these things eventually develop in all of our skin. For a long time, fat transfer and stem cell procedures have endeavored to solve these universal issues in our skin, but a recent breakthrough, known as nanofat, has taken a massive step forward in addressing these conditions.

Nanofat can be injected over the entire face as a standalone procedure known as a Stem Cell Facelift. It can provide dramatic improvement in the appearance of aging and wrinkles without the downtime of more invasive skin care treatments. Dr. Marotta frequently combines nanofat injection with microfat injections (larger fat particles) to address both the volume loss in the face and the thinning of the skin that is one of the hallmarks of aging. This “Super Stem Cell Facelift” will provide an even more dramatic improvement in your appearance with no cutting or stitching or scars. If you are ready to begin nanofat treatment in Long Island, give our office a call at (631) 982-2022.

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What Is Nanofat?

If you are familiar with cosmetic procedures at all, then it is likely that you know a bit about fat injections already. It is even possible that you know a fair amount about adipose-derived stem cells as well.

These procedures have become increasingly popular as the cosmetic industry has discovered the plethora of benefits and advantages that these injections can provide. But for the uninitiated, fat injections are precisely as they sound: a medical professional harvests your fat, purifies it and then injects it into a part of your body that needs more volume (usually the breasts, buttocks, hips, face, etc.). In some procedures, stem cells are extracted from this fat in a centrifuge, which are then used in many functions under the name of platelet-rich plasma.

The concentration of these particular cells can provide excellent regenerative and volumizing results in a host of applications. Nanofat, however, goes one step further — rather than extracting the stem cells directly from the fat cells, this process focuses on extracting the liquid that is found around and inside the fat cells. This liquid, which we refer to as nanofat, has higher concentrations of stem cells and, therefore, higher concentrations of healing factors and other regenerative substances.

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What Can Nanofat Treat?

Unlike regular fat injections or even some standard platelet-rich plasma injections, the plasma that is extracted from nanofat is best used in regenerative applications rather than volumization. Nanofat can be used to improve any texture-based blemishing like skin roughness, wrinkles, fine lines, sunspots and scarring.

The nanofat-derived substance can be applied topically after a procedure or directly into the skin via a tiny needle. Dr. Marotta has found particularly impressive results by applying it into the neck to address horizontal wrinkles. He has also found this method provides remarkable healing improvements to his procedures as well. If you are looking to add additional regenerative improvements to a procedure, nanofat-derived stem cells can be added to plenty of common treatments like microneedling, intense pulsed light therapy and microdermabrasion.

Am I a Candidate for Nanofat Treatment?

If you suffer from poor skin texture, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, sunspots or any other similar conditions, you are likely a candidate for nanofat treatment. Luckily, nanofat can be applied to many procedures that already exist.

So if you were planning on undergoing a cosmetic procedure, it is possible to take advantage of the benefits of nanofat without having to alter your treatment plans too drastically. While nanofat can be used on any skin type or complexion, you should always come into the treatment knowing what to expect and with realistic expectations about what nanofat and other cosmetic procedures can achieve. Ask plenty of questions during your initial consultation and follow-up meetings, and do your own independent research to figure out if nanofat is the right choice for you.

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How Should I Prepare for Nanofat Treatment?

The first step in receiving nanofat treatment is to schedule a consultation with our office.

During this consultation, one of our highly trained and experienced professionals will listen to your aesthetic goals, examine your unique condition and review your medical history. Together, you will then develop a personalized treatment plan that is most likely to achieve the results you are hoping for. During this process, your medical professional may provide you with a list of pre-operative instructions. It is important to follow these tailored instructions so that you don’t decrease the likelihood that your nanofat treatment will provide maximum results.

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What Should I Expect During a Nanofat Treatment?

Your nanofat treatment will depend entirely on how the nanofat is being applied. If you are using it as a topical supplement after a skin surface procedure like microneedling, then the treatment will, for the most part, resemble a typical microneedling procedure.

If you are looking to have direct injections, then you can expect these injections to mimic other cosmetic injections that are more common: a small needle will be inserted into the targeted skin and then the nanofat substance will be injected. Regardless of the application, your medical professional must harvest excess fat somewhere throughout your body to purify it and create the stem cell-rich substance. This is performed through liposuction on an area of the body that usually has unwanted fat deposits, giving you the added benefit of improving your body contouring alongside your skin’s texture.

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What Should I Expect During Nanofat Treatment Recovery?

Since nanofat is most commonly used as an addition to other procedures, you will have to refer to the specific treatment you are having to get a better idea of the recovery you can expect.

Since every nanofat procedure will require liposuction, you can read more about liposuction recovery and what to expect here. As a standalone injection, you can expect extremely minor redness or swelling for one or two days after the injection. Patients rarely, if ever, complain about any lingering pain or discomfort. You can return to your routine directly after a standalone nanofat injection if you desire.

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What Kind of Results Does Nanofat Provide?

You can expect an immediate improvement in any textural issues in your skin that can last for years.

Since this procedure still uses natural fat and cells, it is highly recommended that you undergo multiple nanofat applications since some of the cells will detach during recovery. In most cases, patients who have multiple sessions (two or three) can go a few years without needing touch-ups.

Improve Your Skin Texture With Nanofat Treatment in Long Island, NY

If you would like to get more information about how nanofat can drastically improve your skin appearance, give Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists a call at (631) 982-2022 or fill out our online contact form. There are a few ways to enhance your appearance, but we firmly believe that nanofat is one of the most promising. We are excited to be your go-to partner and resource throughout this process.

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When you schedule your consultation with Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists, you can feel secure that the decision you are making is the right one for you. Dr. Marotta’s expertise and skill make him a top Long Island plastic surgeon who enjoys answering your questions. Schedule your consultation today to begin your journey to looking good and feeling good.

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