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Picture perfect profiles overtake plastic surgery trendsMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Surgery to enhance one's profile is in high demand this year.

Picture perfect profiles overtake plastic surgery trends

In an effort to improve more than just their appearance, more women are turning toprocedures that enhance their profile. According to The Daily Mail, rhinoplasty and other facial contouring procedures that focus on the side view are on the rise, shaping overall cosmetic surgery trends for the new year.

The source reported that demand for rhinoplastyhas been on the rise, while neck lifts and similar facial procedures that sculpt the chin, jaw and neckline have been increasing in popularity as women seek to enhance their profile more than the front view of their faces.

One procedure in particular, microcannular liposuction, has risen by about 15 percent due to demand for the sculpting of target areas, such as the neck, to enhance one's side view. Other target areas include the arms, thighs and buttocks.

"Similarly, patients who choose to undergo fat transfer to the buttocks are of course not concerned with an area which is visible from the front. Instead, patients normally come to me because they dislike the shape of their buttocks or they feel that they lack fullness or any form of curve in the buttocks area," one plastic surgeon at a clinic in London told the news source.

The rise of rhinoplasty has made it one of the most popular procedures in 2014 overall, with more men and women examining the potentials of a nose job to enhance their appearance and self-esteem. Plastic surgery has many benefits, but the ability to feel more comfortable with one's own looks often takes top priority for patients considering facial plastic surgery.

If you're thinking about reshaping your facial profile, contact Dr. James Marotta for more information about the procedures that can assist in achieving your ideal look.

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