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More men exploring the benefit of BotoxMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

More men are getting Botox injections than ever before.

More men exploring the benefit of Botox

While cosmetic surgery is more common among women, more men are considering minimally-invasive procedures to help them look and feel younger. Among the more common of these options is Botox injections, which men are opting for for several reasons. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, this trend is particularly popular among business executives trying to remain competitive as a younger workforce climbs the ranks.

However, it isn't just business leaders opting for Botox. The news source noted that many of the men opting for this cosmetic surgery are "blue-collar" workers as well.

"We see men from all walks of life. [Tradeworkers], builders, doctors, lawyers. Often their wives or girlfriends have done it, so they'll come in, too," one surgeon from Australia noted. "A lot of them work outside so are affected by the sun. They say they didn't like looking cranky when they weren't. Five years ago men were between one and five percent our wrinkle injection business, today they're about 15 percent."

Botox is just the opener for many men who are considering plastic surgery. As their comfort with this procedure increases they are more likely to discuss further cosmetic changes with their surgeon, ranging from rhinoplasty to laser skin resurfacing. Some procedures are selected to correct problems these men have had their entire lives with their appearance, while others are elected for their anti-aging benefits.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons predicts that 85 percent of all cosmetic treatments will be non-invasive in the future, and Botox is leading this trend. For anyone, male or female, considering cosmetic injections or surgery, contact Dr. James Marotta, the best plastic surgeon on Long Island, for more details on the best procedure for your beauty needs.

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