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How protect the skin beneath your beardMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Bearded guys must pay extra attention to their skin as they go about their daily grooming routines.

How protect the skin beneath your beard

Beards are immensely popular at the moment. Why?Psychologists and scientists have offered up various explanations, according to the New Republic. Some say it's because these facial accessories project confidence and wisdom. Others attribute the trend to an increased demand for skin protection only the best beards can offer. Either way, men spend considerable time cultivating and maintaining their facial hair these days. However, many forget to address to the skin beneath their beards.

This epidermal area directly impacts facial hair health. Consequently, bearded guys must pay extra attention to the skin as they go about their daily grooming routines.

Understand your skin types
Unfortunately, most men are unaware of their specific skin types. This vital information directly informs skincare and facial hair treatments, according to Men's Fitness. Obtaining this data merely requires a trip to the barber shop, where haircutters can get at look at your aceand assess its skin type: dry, oily or sensitive.

Healthy skin is the bolsters strong beards.

Healthy skin is the bolsters strong beards.

Cleanse to prevent dandruff
Beard dandruff detracts from the unshaven look. Luckily, there's a simple fix for this unsightly issue, Men's Journal reported. Cleansing and moisturizing the underlying skin is the key, as dandruff is a product of a dry epidermis. Prior to taking a shower, it's best toapply a light cleanser and then follow up with a medicated shampoo engineered to address the problem.

Build a base
If you have particularly dry or damaged skin, you might want to hold off on growing out your facial hair. Instead, prepare your face for the task at hand by adopting a strict moisturizingskincare regimen. This will allow you to sprout a lush beard with healthy skin at its base.

Are you in need of more skincare help? Contact Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists. We offer microdermabrasionand other treatments that will get your skin up to par. Click the image below for more details.

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