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Do you have allergies? Follow these makeup tipsMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

During allergy season, you may need to adjust your makeup regimen.

Do you have allergies? Follow these makeup tips

Wearing makeup can be a real challenge for allergy sufferers. Fortunately, Glamour contributor Marissa Gold has some tips that can make a big difference:

  • Clean your supplies – "If I don't regularly swipe my eyelash curler with an alcohol pad, I notice the buildup of makeup on the pad makes my eyes feel itchy and watery within just a few days," writes Gold. "I highly recommend you keep a box of alcohol swabs in your medicine cabinet and quickly clean off your eyelash curler after each use.And cleaning your makeup brushes goes without saying."
  • Conceal a red nose with green-tinted primer – All that nose-blowing can leave you looking pretty red after a little while. Fortunately, there's a simple way to combat this. Celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg suggests investing in a green-tinted primer on your nose and other problem areas, which works to cancel out the redness. Then you can apply your regular foundation.
  • Use waterproof mascara – Itchy, watery eyes are a common symptom of spring allergies, making it difficult for eye makeup to stay in place. The good news is that you don't have to give up wearing it altogether when your allergies are acting up. Instead, apply waterproof mascara that will last throughout the day even in spite of your allergies.

You may also want to consider taking a more drastic approach to improving your skin during allergy season. Chemical peels and Botox injections can smooth out your skin, leaving it looking and feeling better than ever. Contact Dr. James Marotta today to learn more about these and other non-invasive procedures.

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