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For social media-savvy professionals, Botox might be a mustMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Social media has now made face value important in the workplace, putting pressure on entrepreneurs to look into cosmetic enhancements.

For social media-savvy professionals, Botox might be a must

While social media may have started out as a means to connect with friends and family in an almost exclusively casual setting, programs like Face Time and Skype have brought cyber communication into the business realm. These tools, along with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, have become invaluable assets to many corporations, allowing them to get in touch with clients the world over from nearly any location in a more personal way than conference calls or email.

At the same time, these websites and programs have put a heavier premium on "face value," as a recent article from USA Today indicates. Rhonda Abrams, a correspondent for the source, said in a piece entitled "Use Skype, entrepreneurs? Botox tips" that, "Sometimes the pressure's on to make a sale, [so it's important to]look as young as possible."

Abrams offers the following tips:

  • For vertical wrinkles between your eyebrows, it's important to use Botox injections to remedy a flaw that could be making you look stern and angry no matter what your true disposition is
  • Botox in your forehead will not only help take care of your unwanted wrinkles, but it also raises your eyebrows and opens up your eyes, giving you a more alert and attentive look
  • Not only is the use of Botox important, but considering filler to get rid of deep folds around your mouth may aid the most in helping you appear youthful.

Even if you don't rely on social media for your career, the signs of aging on your face can still have a negative affect on your psyche, which could hold anyone back professionally. If you are curious how Botox, dermal fillers or other non-invasive cosmetic procedures may help you, contact Long Island plastic surgeon Dr. Marotta today to learn more.

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