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Can Botox help battle depression?Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Some doctors have theorized that simply seeking to improve your appearance could help combat depressive symptoms.

Can Botox help battle depression?

The motivation behind anyone's quest to improve their outward appearance should always be rooted in making themselves feel better on the inside as well. A bevy of new research that can be found in the current issue of the Journal of Psychiatric Research {italicized journal title}may confirm that certain procedures, like Botox or dermal filler injections, can not only change your looks for the better but even improve mood and attitude inthe long term.

In fact, Dr. Eric Finziand psychiatrist Norman Rosenthal, who teaches at Georgetown Medical School, found that patients they observed who had looked into noninvasive procedures had even reported decreased symptoms of depression, with some individuals exhibiting complete remission of the psychological disease.

According to the report, 17 of 33 patients that the researchers observed experienced better than 50 percent reductions in their depressive symptoms after a single Botox injection. Even more impressive is the fact that 27 percent of the group saw their depression disappear entirely.

Rosenthal claims that this research holds promise for creating a potential supplement or alternative to anti-depressants and psychotherapy for treating depression.

"There are several nerves, about 12 of them, that go straight into the brain through the skull," Rosenthal told The Washington Post. "…We're used to thinking of them in terms of their outbound messages or signals. We're not used to thinking of them in terms of their inbound messages."

While this may seem outlandish to some, this report supplements more than a century of hypothesizing regarding the connection between how we look and how we feel. If you struggle with depression that is rooted in dissatisfaction with your appearance, consider consulting with Long Island plastic surgeon Dr. James Marotta today to explore your options.

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