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Essential “celebrity” makeup tips for women over 50Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Being beautiful at 50 is easy if you take good care of your skin and follow these makeup tips.

Essential “celebrity” makeup tips for women over 50

Being 50-years-old is nothing like it was a few decades ago, as even the phrase "50 is the new 40" is modest, at best. Not only are middle-aged folks more active than ever before – both in the work force and in a social respect – modern skin care techniques and cosmetic procedures have made youthful elegance attainable at almost any age.

That being said, the same makeup tricks that you used in your teens and twenties aren't going to keep you looking fresh in your fifties. If anything, wearing the heavy eye makeup that made you look lustrous when you were younger could only be adding unnecessary shadows and aging when applied later in life.

Here are a few age-appropriate tricks that women of any age can utilize to look radiant.

Apply concealer low – Margaret Manning, author, speaker and founder of, tells the Huffington Post that one trick utilized by Hollywood celebrities to keep their eyes looking bright and vibrant can easily do the same for non-celebrities. Our eyes tend to get puffy and dark, and circles appear after looking at computer screens or television all day – not unlike celebrities who spend their days reading scripts. The reason you never see these bags under their eyes is because they apply their concealer low, basically on the topmost part of their cheeks, so that light reflects upwards into their eyes. In essence, Manning recommends that you don't try to mask those dark circles but instead use tricks of light to make them disappear.

Cream blush beats powder every time – When some older celebrities walk the red carpet, they have the same inner glow of their younger Hollywood counterparts. Stars like Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep defy the odds not by wearing different makeup than more youthful starlets, but by using different textures. Manning recommends that older women avoid using powdered blush and instead try cream options. On top of that, contouring with appropriate bronzer is key to hide minor wrinkles, though going too dark is never the best choice.

Primer keeps makeup in place – This is a tip that any working woman – whether they arestrutting on the red carpet or navigating an office – should consider. Primer on your eyelids can preserve a smoky look using eye shadow on top well into the afternoon, for example. When a woman is in a hurry, she can even ditch her cream foundations and simply apply a tinted primer to her cheeks to get a similar complexion.

Every face is different, however, and sometimes a woman may feel as though she needs more help to keep her skin​looking youthful, and that is perfectly acceptable. At Marotta Aesthetics Laser, we have a bevy of anti-aging solutions, from chemical peels to Botox injections, that can help make you feel great inside and out.

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