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3 myths about hair lossMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Don't believe a myth about hair loss. Talk to a certified hair loss specialist about how to treat your condition.

3 myths about hair loss

Are you losing your hair? Are you wondering why it's you who'sbalding and not your friend? It's often difficult to separate fact from fiction when trying to figure out hair loss. Unfortunately, many people hear what actually is a myth and believe it's the reason their hair is falling out. In accepting this lie, the likelihood they seek treatment decreases. Here we dispel three myths about hair loss to ensure you don't get caught up in a web of fibs too:

"Hair loss is caused by many factors."

1. Hair loss is only caused by age
On the contrary, many factors cause hair loss. According to the Mayo Clinic, people lose their hair due to infections, hormones and alopecia areata. And yes, according to Web MD, hair begins to thin because of age as growth slows down.

2. Hats cause you to go bald
Wear that hat proud! When you were younger, your parents probably told you not to wear a hat in the house because 1) it's not polite, and 2) wearing a hat too much will cause you to bald. The first part of that may betrue, but the second is not. Like we'll describe more in the next section, unless a hat is wrapped around your head so tight that it cuts off your scalp's circulation, you won't damage the hair follicles, and thus, won't lose your hair.

3. Pull out gray hair and more will grow
Pulling out gray hair – in fact, any hair – will actually cause trauma to hair follicles. Trauma to these follicles is called traction alopecia and can be caused by fashioning your hair too tight with hair clips, tight headgear (sports helmets) and using rollers or hair curlers, to name a few. There are also those who pull out hair due to stress. This condition is called trichotillomania.

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