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Will exercise help my sagging arms?Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Weight lifting alone won't reduce sagging arms. Combine this exercise with an arm lift.

Will exercise help my sagging arms?

Do you work out regularly but still have sagging arms? While working out tightens other areas of your body, it doesn't work on firming up arm fat. According to Michele Olson, Ph.D., principle researcher at the Auburn University Montgomery Kinesiology Laboratory, who was interviewed by Jessica Smith TV, exercise cannot correct loose skin. "It would be nice," Olson said, "but exercise cannot cause the skin to pull into the muscle and shrink or tighten up." She continued by explaining why exercising to solve this problem is futile.

"The more skin is stretched (say from a fast growth rate like a woman's abdomen when she is pregnant or by having gained excess weight), the more difficult it is for the skin to retract and lay flat," Olson said. "Think about a rubber band –when it's stretched and stressed over time, some of its strands fray, preventing the rubber band from being able to fully shrink back to its original size."

"Weight lifting makes droopy arms appear to disappear, but that's all it is: an illusion."

So what can do you do solve this stretchy issue? There are two solutions. First, according to Jessica Smith TV, keep exercising! Weight lifting can help you develop arm muscles, which, in turn, will give your arms greater definition when you combine it with our second piece of advice, scheduling an arm lift. However, be warnedif you don't plan on having an arm lift! Olsen says that weight lifting alone makes droopy arms "appear" to disappear, but that's all it is: an illusion. Weight lifting enlarges the arm muscle which fills in excess skin. If you were to stop weightlifting, you would again have to deal with sagging arms.

Like we mentioned, it's best to combine weight lifting with an arm lift, and you can do so by calling the best plastic surgeon on Long Island, Dr. Taglienti of Marotta Surgery Plastic Surgery Specialists. Dr. Taglienti, an experienced facial and body surgeon, will tighten excess fat, decrease fat pockets and smooth out tissue.

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