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Male plastic surgery continues to increase worldwideMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

How can plastic surgery enhance your appearance?

Male plastic surgery continues to increase worldwide

Plastic surgery is no longer just for women, and hasn't been for some time. Men are becoming more interested in their appearance, due to both personal and societal expectations, as well as opinions from coworkers and life partners. Although plastic surgery is a personal decision, one that shouldn't be considered without extensive background research and opinion from a trustedplastic surgeon, it can be the best decision a person may make in their lifetime.

In one country, more men are undergoing plastic procedures than ever before. According to the Brazilian newspaper,Estado de Sao Paulo, one man is undergoing a procedure every two minutes. This would equal an average of 31.5 operations per hour. Plastic surgery in the region has quadrupled among men in the past six years, jumping from 72,000 to 276,000.

Why is this change occurring?

The major reason why more men are having procedures performed is a cultural change, visible in many other countries as well. Most patients are between the ages of 20 and 50 and are part of the working class.The most popular procedures for men from Brazil are breast reductions, followed by liposuction and eyelid procedures.

Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists offer a range of surgical procedures for male patients, in terms of both the face and body. These include:

  • Abdominoplasty
  • Brow lifts
  • Chin implants
  • Eyelid lifts
  • Gynecomastia
  • Liposuction
  • Rhinoplasty

Both Dr. James Marotta and Dr. Anthony Taglienti specialize in a wide range of facial and body procedures for male patients. If you're curious about learning more on a procedure, or would like to explore the options available here, schedule a consultation today or visit the rest of our website.

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When you schedule your consultation with Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists, you can feel secure that the decision you are making is the right one for you. Dr. Marotta’s expertise and skill make him a top Long Island plastic surgeon who enjoys answering your questions. Schedule your consultation today to begin your journey to looking good and feeling good.

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