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December expected to be busiest month of the year for plastic surgeonsMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Plastic surgery makes an excellent holiday gift for a loved one who's looking to enhance his or her appearance.

December expected to be busiest month of the year for plastic surgeons

December is, traditionally, a month of giving. However, it's also a very busy month for plastic surgeons, fulfilling holiday gifts of cosmetic enhancement and some men and women's desires to look their best for family gatherings.

"There is a trend of more surgery during this time of year," one Little Rock, Arkansas-based cosmetic surgeon told THV 11, the local CBS affiliate. "We have trends of increasing surgery during the holidays because a lot of people are off from work during the holiday season, kids are off from school, and also if you're trying to have you insurance pay for some of your surgery, your deductibles are coming up."

The Wall Street Journal reported in 2011 that the number of plastic surgeries performed double during December, and many board-certified facial plastic surgeons anticipate this trend to continue. Ranging from major changes like rhinoplasty or chin augmentation to minor cosmetic improvements like Botox or laser skin resurfacing, many patients come in to enhance their appearance before traveling to visit friends and family.

Plastic surgery is an excellent gift idea as well, helping your loved one achieve their perfect look, which leads to more consultations and operations throughout the month. This trend is further expanded this year by the growing selfie trend and its influence on people self-image.

If you're considering plastic surgery before the holidays or giving it as a gift to your spouse or loved one, call Dr. James Marotta, the best plastic surgeon on Long Island, today to schedule your appointment as soon as possible. While we may be booked already, we'll be sure to help you achieve the look you desire soon.

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