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4 plastic surgery myths you must knowMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Cosmetic procedures can be a daunting territory to explore, but with the correct information, you will be set for the best results!

4 plastic surgery myths you must know

Plastic surgery procedures have spiked 12 percent in the U.S. since 2013, according to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. An increase in cosmetic procedures displays a sense of trust in the industry, a rise in board certified plastic surgeons and a taste for improvement in daily life. Despite this though, many myths are still circulate pertaining to cosmetic procedures, safety and time. Check out these top four misconceptions proved wrong by real statistics and real people.

1. I’m the only man that will have undergone a procedure.

  • According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, male cosmetic procedures have risen by 22 percent since 2000. Minimally-invasive surgeries have risen by a whopping 65 percent. Getting work done is no longer just for women.

2. It’s way out of my price range.

  • New cosmetic changes and surgeries are being developed every day. Procedures such as having a facelift without surgery, Botox injections and chemicals peels are less invasive than ever before. Professionals want you to come in and make changes that will increase your happiness. Some places, like Marotta Facial Plastic Surgery, even offer monthly discounts.

3. I will be scarred for life.

  • As with any type of surgery, some risks are involved. Speak with your surgeon beforehand to talk about all possible outcomes. Be sure to follow all aftercare steps to aid in the recovery process and minimize potential long-term effects.

4. There is only one procedure available for what I would like done.

  • There are numerous types of invasive and non-invasive procedures for surgery options you may be thinking about. Different types of procedures can result in very different outcomes. They can also be combined for a full desired effect. Educate yourself fully on what’s out there before you decide what is best for you.

If you’re considering having a cosmetic procedure done, make sure to meet with a board certified facial plastic surgeon like Dr. James Marotta so you can achieve your beauty needs inas safe a manner possible.

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