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What you need to know about pulsed light and laser hair removalMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Permanent hair reduction could be cheaper and easier than you  may think.

What you need to know about pulsed light and laser hair removal

Spring break season is almosthere. Stretching mid-Marchthrough the end of April, colleges and universities around the U.S. are closing their doors and students are searching for an escape from the bitter cold. With tropical climate vacations approaching fast, make unwanted body hair the last worry on your list.

Permanent hair reduction using intense pulsed light (IPL)is a safe and effective method for achieving your bikini-ready body.

IPLfinds hair through a pigment process and heats up using the Starluxfrom Palomar technology to eliminate unwanted hair follicles. This type of hair removal uses multiple wavelengths to destroy hair cells as opposed to one constant emitting power.

IPL can:

  • personalize treatment by choosing exactly where hair will be eliminated
  • cover large areas of skin in a short amount of time
  • minimize damage to surrounding tissues than other laser treatments.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 1,077,158 laser hair removal treatments were performed in 2013. This is a 43 percent increase in the procedure since 2000.

IPL has a wide range of treatment areas including:

  • the upper lip
  • face
  • neck
  • chin
  • underarms
  • bikini line
  • legs
  • chest
  • back

Implementing IPLhair removal can be a flexible, relatively low-cost way to eliminate body hair. The procedure is not immediately permanent though. Many different factors can change results including how dense the hair is, where it is and how sensitive skin may be to treatment.

Minor swelling and a sunburn-like sensation can develop immediately after treatment. Some redness can also occur but should be gone in two to three days.

Between the following seven to 30 days after the procedure, the treated area will go through new hair growth cycle. The emerging hair follicles can be treated with IPLand repeated sessions over time can result in permanent hair reduction.

If IPL hair removal isn't right for you,considerCutera Xeo laser hair removal. This type of treatment can be used all on pigments of skin. CuteraXeouses a cooling hand pieceto cool skin while pulsing heat to destroy hair on the desired area.

If treated in the proper hair cycle, such as the anagen, then the hair will not grow back. If the area is treatedduring the catagen or telogenhair cycles, then the process will have to be done again for desired affect.

Similar to IPL hair removal, some side effects can include swelling or sunburn-like redness. If symptoms persist call your doctor right away.

If you would like to learn more about IPLhair removal, Cutera Xeo hair removal or any other cosmetic procedures visit a Long Island plastic surgery group, such asMarotta Facial Plastic Surgery.

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