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What is an endoscopic mid-facelift?Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Rejuvenate your appearance with a mid-facelift procedure.

What is an endoscopic mid-facelift?

The aging process begins earlier for some than others. Although the younger years are often marked by a rejuvenated appearance, once the mid-thirties hit, many begin to see real changes in the face.

During this time, cheek tissue begins to sag and droop, causing the area below the eyes to appear hollow and the skin folds between the nose and mouth to thicken. These effects are what cause the initial aging process. This area, known as the "mid-face," can maintain a lasting youthfulness by undergoing a mid-facelift procedure.

Before the mid-facelift advancement was discovered, many patients relied heavily on a regular facelift procedure. Although this did help correct some of the issues, many located in the middle of the face were left uncorrected in favor of the lower face and neck. By correcting these lower issues instead of the ones in the middle, the face can be left mismatched in appearance.

"By combining a mid-facelift and traditional facelift, patients of Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists can achieve a completely rejuvenated appearance."

By combining a mid-facelift and traditional facelift, patients of Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists can achieve a completely rejuvenated appearance.

A mid-facelift procedure is performed endoscopicallyusing a small camera and incisions hidden within the hairline. Using absorbable sutures, the mid-facial cheek tissues are restored to their natural, higher positioning. As these sutures dissolve, cheek tissue naturally adheres to the underlying bone, causing a lasting change.

The surgery may take several hours or longer depending on if any other procedures will be completed to counter the signs of aging.

After the surgery is completed, the face is fitted with bandages and surgical drains to combat swelling and speed up the recovery process. During your first pre-operative visit, these bandages and drains will be removed.

The recovery period lasts about two weeks. During this time, rest and head of bed elevation are recommended. Some discomfort while chewing may continue for a few days after this period but will subsist. Facial swelling is known to be more pronounced with this type of procedure than a typical facelift.

A mid-facelift requires expert knowledge of facial anatomy and surgical training. Dr. James Marotta is a dual board certified facial plastic surgeonwith expertise in minimally invasive techniques. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.

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