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Split earlobe repairs on the rise for younger generationMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Gauged ears don't have to be a permanent part of your body.

Split earlobe repairs on the rise for younger generation

The gauged earlobe movement is slowing down in some parts of the country, according to CBS St Louis.

Gauged ears can range in size from a few inches in diameterto, in some cases, a whole earlobe. Those that gauge their earlobes can choose between keeping the hole visible with an open circle earring, or hidden with a closed circular earring or other shape.

Some states are seeing a rise in plastic surgery procedures aimed at correcting gauges or other split earlobe conditions.

A split earlobe can occur due to gauges, repeated wear of heavy earrings or impure “petal earrings.” Once separated, each side of the torn earlobe will heal quickly. Instead of fusing together, each side will become covered in skin and heal on its own.

This type of damage can be reversed withsplit earlobe surgery. This can also help minimize scarring and other effects of tearing. An anesthetic is applied and the surgery itself usually takesabout 15 minutes per ear.

Minimal swelling, pain or bruising can occur during the recovery period. After about seven to 10 days, sutures can be removed. If the patient desires, ears can be re-pierced about six weeks after the procedure.

Just because you made an appearance-altering choice as a young adult, doesn’t mean you have to keep it throughout the rest of your life. Advancements in the cosmetic field can help you achieve the look you have always wanted, regardless of what those wants may have been years ago.

Dual board certified plastic surgeon Dr. James Marotta, of Marotta Facial Plastic Surgery, has experience in this type of procedure. If you are interested in learning more about split earlobe surgery, or any other cosmetic procedure,schedule a consultation today.

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