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Is 80 too old for plastic surgery?Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Some people may thing there's a cut off age for getting plastic surgery, but an 80-year-old from Nottingham, England, disagrees.

Is 80 too old for plastic surgery?

Some people may thing there's a cutoff age for getting plastic surgery, but an 80-year-old womanfrom Nottingham, England, disagrees. Elizabeth Moore recently underwent a facelift, dermabrasionand fat injections in her cheeks, saying that she simply didn't feel as if her appearance matched the age she felt inside.

"I wanted to look the very best I could, and now I feel I do," Moore told The Daily Mail. "I look in the mirror and feel much more confident about what I see. I no longer look tired and miserable, which I did previously because my cheeks were sunken and I had deep lines near my mouth. I now look rested and well. I never thought of myself as particularly attractive, so it wasn't about trying to recapture the beauty I once had and then lost. I've just always tried to make the best of myself because I think the image you present to the world is important — people judge you by it."

However, Moore noted that some people, including her daughter, were initiallyagainst her getting the procedures done. The 56-year-old daughtersaid she was concerned about the health risks of her mother being under anesthesia for an extended period of time. Some of Moore's older friends were also "critical" of her decision.

Despite these naysayers, Moore says she is quite happy with the results and feels a decade younger.

Plastic surgery can be great for patients of any age. If you're a baby boomer thinking about a facelift, contact the best plastic surgeon on Long Island, Dr. James Marotta, a board certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in anti-aging techniques.

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