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What you need to know about layered skin careMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Be methodical with your skin care regimen.

What you need to know about layered skin care

Winter skin care is all about layers, and we aren't talking about that scarf! This cool, dry air can do a number on your delicate skin, which is why nourishing and moisturizing agents are crucial at this time of year. Recently on this blog, we discussed the importance of serum in your anti-aging regimen. However, if you're juggling multiple skin care products, you may not know where to start in terms of application.

In fact, many women (and men) may mistakenly think that the order in which you apply skin care products doesn't really matter as long as you tick off every box. This, unfortunately, just isn't the case. After all, can you imagine applying blush before your foundation? We didn't think so. In that same vein, you have to be methodical about face washes, toners and serums to enjoy the most radiant effects.

"Yes, it actually matters which products you put on first, which ones you combine, and when you apply them," notes Cosmopolitan "When it comes to layering products, you want to put on the treatment-oriented product first."

For example, if you're dealing with a bout of adult acne, you should apply targeted treatment products directly to these problem areas before any moisturizers or toners. The source also notes that time of day is a factor, since harsher chemicals may make your skin more vulnerable to UV rays and pollutants.

If you have any questions about your skin care regimen, your best resource is the team of specialists at Marotta Aesthetics & Laser, led by Long Island plastic surgeon Dr. James Marotta. We know the ins and outs of facial rejuvenationand can help you achieve healthy, glowing skin in no time!

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