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Is a stressful job affecting your skin? We can helpMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Counter stress-related creases with Botox injections.

Is a stressful job affecting your skin? We can help

If you are consistently battling surges of stress at work, you can bet it's affecting the rest of your life inmyriad ways. For one thing, you may be more likely to pull away from others simply because you need time to yourself to unwind. In addition, the high levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) that flood your system whenever you get anxious can also wreak havoc on your health, happiness and even your complexion!

"Vying for the corner office can come with a side of premature aging, thanks to the negative effect stress has on your telomeres, the little caps on the ends of your DNA that help protect and keep cells—including skin cells—young," Marie Claire magazine notes.

As well as making time for destressing activities like yoga or a healthy bit of cardio, the source recommends tackling the physical effects of excess stress with a trip to a Long Island plastic surgeon or skin care specialist. If years of career-related tension have left you with deep creases along your brow, Botox injections may be the best way to combat these signs of aging. These professionalscan also help you bolster your skin care regimen to reinforce your skin against external factors that accelerate facial aging.

Check back to learn more about lifestyle factors that may affect your appearance over time, and contact Marotta Aesthetics & Laser on Long Island today to discuss Botox injections, chemical peels and other facial treatments that can turn back the clock.

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