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Take on forehead creases with these tipsMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Do you remember the first time you saw forehead wrinkles?

Take on forehead creases with these tips

Do you remember the first time a frown line didn't disappear when you changed your expression? Forehead wrinkles are a pain for men and women alike, and may give you a more haggard or generally unpleasant appearance. Keeping your skin clean and moisturized from your 20s onward can help reduce the appearance of these fine lines later on, but if you're already up against forehead creases, you may need a more aggressive approach to anti-aging skincare.

Keeping wrinkles at bay and reducing the appearance of fine lines that have already formed requires a bit of dedication and a comprehensive anti-aging approach. Woman's Day magazine notes that you can take the first step to wrinkle reduction by investing in petroleum jelly. Applying this product to your skin may help you retain moisturize and ultimately fill in these lines. Just make sure to apply a very light layer and rub it in so the jelly no longer as a slick, oily feel.

Certain cosmetics like face primers can also minimize the look of wrinkles by lightly filling them in and giving your skin a more even appearance. Keep in mind, though, that some powders are prone to cakiness and might actually draw more attention to the very creases you hope to hide.

But while these techniques may conceal the issue, they can't actually turn back the clock. However, facial rejuvenation treatments including Botox injections have been specifically developed to smooth out wrinkles by paralyzing the muscles beneath the skin. At the hands of a board-certified facial plastic surgeon like Dr. James Marotta, this procedure can eliminate signs of aging without giving you a mask-like look that prevents you from fully expressing yourself. Contact Marotta Aesthetics & Laser to learn more about Botox injections, chemical peels and other non-invasive offerings.

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