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Natural skin care ingredients to be on the lookout forMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Coffee beans are a common ingredient in some beauty products.

Natural skin care ingredients to be on the lookout for

A growing number of beauty product manufacturers are using more natural ingredients than compounds created in a lab. Items made from fruit and vegetable extracts and other natural sources may hydrate your skin, increase collagen and boost circulation.

Here are a few items that you may see on your grocery store shelves and in your beauty products:

  • Coffee – The caffeine in coffee works the same way on the outside of your body as it does on the inside. The stimulant can shrink blood vessels and increase blood flow at the surface of the skin. You'll often find coffee in body scrubs and eye creams.
  • Kale – "You know it's awesome for your insides, but it turns out this trendy, leafy superfood works wonders when applied topically, too," states a Yahoo Beauty article. "Its vitamin C can protect from environmental damage and dryness, vitamin A helps turn over dry skin, and vitamin K has anti-inflammatory properties to boost circulation and hydration, increase skin elasticity, and banish undereye circles."
  • Sunflowers – More than one part of this plant is good for your looks. The seeds are full of antioxidants, which can help heal blemishes and scars. Sunflower oil is often found in shampoos and other hair products, as it can hydrate your strands and protect your hair against environmental damage.
  • Seaweed – This product is finally moving into the mainstream after being used in spas for decades. Look for seaweed in firming lotions or reparative creams.

If you want to look as great as you feel, it may be time explore a few options that could turn back the clock. To learn more about facials for wrinkles, contactMarotta Aesthetics & Laser today!

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