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Detox this summer for healthier skinMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Detox this summer for a healthier body and skin.

Detox this summer for healthier skin

Keeping your skin young-looking and rejuvenatedis as much about the foods you take into your body as the products you put on it. People, especially in America, consume too many toxins and "unknown" substances that they haven't prepared themselves, which can cause blemishes, alter your complexion and affect overall health and appearance. In order to keep your body balanced and help regulate your skin's health it'simportant to detoxify your body once in a while.

There are several methods for doing this:

Drink more water and tea – People rarely get enough water in a day. Amplifying your water intake, cutting soda, alcohol and sugary fruit juices, and switching out coffee for tea, can all help detox your body quickly and efficiently.

Eat more vegetables –Simply eating healthier is a great way to detox your body and clear up your skin.

"When people say, eat your fruits of vegetables, that ends up being, for most of us, lots of fruits, and maybe a salad a day," Dr. Amy Shaw, a physician in Arizona, recently told Style Bistro. "I turned that around to do mostly vegetables and some fruits. Unless you're actively trying, most of us aren't getting [enough vegetables]. It pretty much requires one green smoothie [or juice] a day, plus a salad, plus green vegetables with dinner, or something like that. Cruciferous vegetables actually [help] detox your body, they find the bad stuff in your gut. Your body uses those vehicles to get rid of a lot of toxins."

Shaw recommends eating at least three cups of leafy green vegetables and three cups ofcruciferous vegetables a day for 21 to 24 days.

Juice cleanse –Once of the most popular ways to detox is to do a juice cleanse or fast. Such cleanses generally consist of consuming only freshly processed vegetable and fruit juice for a period of three to five days. A juice cleanse, as highlighted by Joe Cross'sdocumentary "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead," can quickly flush toxins out of your body and assist with weight loss. However, you should consult with your doctor about doing a juice fast, as it is a drastic dietary change.

A detox works by clearing toxins out of your body, specifically the liver and your blood. By ceasing to intake toxins and flushing then out of your body with an increased water and tea intake, you can quickly and efficiently rejuvenate your skin, as well as achieve many other health benefits.

Of course, a detox isn't always going quite far enough to improve skin appearance. Sometimes a more permanent solution is needed. A non-surgical facelift, chemical peels and other cosmetic procedures can optimize your skin immediately and with long-lasting effects. For more information on the procedures you can undertake to perfect your skin, contact the best plastic surgeon on Long Island, Dr. James Marotta, at MarottaAesthetics and Laser.

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