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What do I need to know about breast cancer reconstruction?Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Breast reconstruction is an option for women who have had breast cancer.

What do I need to know about breast cancer reconstruction?

Breast cancer is a devastating and life changing disease. In the U.S. alone,12 percent of women will have breast cancerat some point in their lives, according to If you're one of those women who developed breast cancer and recently had a mastectomy, you may be thinking of scheduling a breast reconstruction. Here are three common questions associated with the procedure:

"Breast reconstruction is a type of surgery that rebuilds the breast."

1. What is breast cancer reconstruction?
Breast reconstruction is a type of surgery that rebuilds the breast with the ultimate goal of replicating its original form. Those who have had only part of their breast removed may not need a full breast reconstruction.

2. Are there different types of implant-based breast reconstruction?
Yes, women can schedule either a one-stage immediate breast reconstruction or a two-stage reconstruction. During a one-stage reconstruction, a surgeon will usually place an implant beneath the chest muscle and hold it in place using an absorbable mesh or graft. This type of procedure is completed right after a mastectomy. In a two-stage reconstruction, a surgeon will use a flexible expander to stretch the skin. After a couple of months, the expander will be replaced with an implant.

3. What types of implants will be used?
Those who are undergoing breast reconstruction have the same implant options as those who schedule breastaugmentations, which are generallysaline or silicone. While they do the same thing – enlarge and reposition the breast – they are different. Saline implants are empty when inserted into the breast and then filled with water. On the other hand, silicone implants already contain silicone gel when they're placed into the breasts

To schedule your breast reconstruction, talk to Dr. Taglienti of Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists.

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