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8 myths about breast augmentations women must know: Part 1Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

There are many myths surrounding breast surgery that simply aren't true.

8 myths about breast augmentations women must know: Part 1

Are you thinking of scheduling a breast augmentation, but feela little concerned about what the procedure entails and how it'll affect your body? Don't be! In part one of our two-part series, we dispel fourcommon myths about breast augmentations so you feel more comfortable during the proceedings.

1. Recovery time is long and difficult
On the contrary! Yes, we do concede that recovery time is different for everyone, but, in general, it's pretty painless and nottime-consuming. In most cases, the doctor will require you to stay away from strenuous activities that may interrupt the recovery process for a few weeks. Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists of Long Island specifically recommends that those who have undergone the surgery follow postoperative instructions, includingplenty of rest and limited movement.

You can also manage most pain with prescription medicines. If the pain becomes too unbearable or worsens as the weeks pass, immediately schedule another appointment with your surgeon. Be honest and specific about the pain's location and what you've been doing to manage it.

"Breast augmentation surgery is for all types of women."

2. The procedure is only for aspiring actresses
Breast augmentation surgery is for all types of women. Unfortunately, women are constantlysubjected to models thathave undergone the procedure, and are forced to think the surgery is only for a select group of high-profile women.This stigma often follows the surgery around, but we're hereto tell you it's false. Breast augmentation surgery is for any woman who is unhappy with her breasts and wants her chest to have a more youthful, fuller look.

3. Surgery is too risky
When the first breast surgery was successfully completed 55 years ago, we'd have a hard time writing this segment. That's because, like any new cosmetic procedure, doctors weren't certain whether women would be pleased with the outcome. They also didn't know how the implants may affect women long term. Today, those serious doubts are well in the past, especially considering the number of different implants available.

According to the FDA, the administration put a temporary "moratorium" on the manufacturing and use of silicone implants. A month later, the FDA suggested that silicone implants be completely removed from the market temporarily. After years of research, in 2006 the FDA gave the OKto sell the implants after it found no link between diseases and silicone. The agency, however, does still suggest that womenwho have silicone implants undergo an MRI every two year years just to check for ruptures, which are difficult to notice otherwise.

Keep in mind that breast surgery is different for each woman. Prior to receiving implants, ask your doctor whether there are any risks associated with your procedure.

4. Breast implants look fake
For years the conviction was that breast augmentation was only for women that wanted really large breasts. Some women still want this, but many others place increased importance on breasts that are not only slightly larger, but also fit the contours of their bodies. The surgeon will ensure that a woman'snew breasts are unique to her and will consider everything from size to placement. It's important to make clear what you want with your doctor prior to having the surgery completed.

If you're thinking about scheduling breast surgery, contact Dr. Taglienti of Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists. He has years of experience performing cosmetic breast surgeries, specializes in a variety of surgery types and will be happy to find the surgery that works best for you.

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