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Younger women more likely to pursue cosmetic surgeryMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

More young women are pursuing cosmetic surgery to increase their self-confidence and quality of life.

Younger women more likely to pursue cosmetic surgery

According to a study commissioned by RealSelf, one in five women report that they are currently pursuing or plan to pursue cosmetic surgery.

"As cosmetic procedures continue to become mainstream," RealSelf CEO Tom Seery told Fashion Times, "millions of women are overcoming social stigma to pursue cosmetic changes they have been researching, often for years."

The study also reported that it was younger women who were most interested in making a change to their physical appearance. Women who are 25-34 years of age are more likely than women over 45 to consult with a plastic surgeon about possible procedures. Many young women are learning about possible treatments and procedures through the internet as well as reality television shows, while it seems older women are receiving their information through magazines and news reports.

The women who underwent procedures reported the following results as the most significant:

  1. Overall confidence level
  2. Self-esteem
  3. Overall happiness
  4. Comfort withhaving your photo taken
  5. Your opinion of your sex appeal
  6. How you look when clothed
  7. Confidence when the center of attention
  8. How you look when minimally dressed/naked
  9. Comfort withposting pictures on social media
  10. Confidence inpursuing romantic interests

Cosmetic surgery will onlycontinue to grow in popularity over the next year, especially among young women who are becoming more educated about available procedures and are eager to spotlight their new aesthetic changes acrosssocial media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

If you're interested in making a change to boost your self-esteem and quality of life, contact Dr. James Marotta. Dr. Marotta is a board certified facial plastic surgeon with years of experience and an eye for the natural aesthetic beauty of a client's face. Come in today for a consultation, and Dr. Marotta can discuss your best options for attaining your beauty goals.

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