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Things will change

I think we can all agree that these are some of the most bizarre and unsettling times of our lives. It’s like every day we wake up to something new to contend with. It has been challenging to say the least. But I write today not to dwell on the negative. There’s more than enough of that on the news, social media and, let’s face it, in our own hearts and minds. Today I post to give you a message of HOPE.

But first, let’s start with this exercise: I’d like you to think about a time in your life when something was going wrong or when you were struggling. Take a moment and really think of a particular time. I bet you can still feel how painful that was to some degree. You may wonder how you ever got through it. But you did. And most likely you don’t feel the pain today to the same level that you did at the time you were going through the tough time. Right?

Every life is painted with painful and difficult moments. But they do not last. They feel unending when you are going through them, but they do not last forever. Time moves forward and we are propelled onward with it. Remember that for every down, there is always an up. Or as Newton’s third law states: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” With that in mind, go back to that moment I had you recall. It’s behind you now. It may have changed you – hopefully for the better – but it is part of your past. And you’ve had good days since then. Think of some of the happy, joy-filled moments you’ve experienced since that tough time. Think also of the GOOD that may have come out of that negative/difficult time. Isn’t it amazing how things can change?

That’s my point: Things will change.

These days we are navigating right now, with all of their uncertainties, heartaches and fears – they are all passing. They will not last forever. They someday will be part of our past. Yes, they will change us. Our world is evolving around us minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day. Time goes on. So must we.

HAVE HOPE. We can get through anything. We are strong. Stronger than you may think or feel some days. Just as there are bad moments, there are good. We do not need to wait for good to come. It is all around us RIGHT NOW! There is good in our family and friends, in our work, in our new babies, in our pets, in the sunshine, the air and, most of all, in our hearts! Open your heart to the goodness that exists around you. Appreciate every little thing. These difficult days will soon be behind us. They will reshape us, for sure. But they are temporary and are moving us to a new future – one we cannot imagine, but that we should envision.

Envision your future filled with love & goodness. What you seek will come to you. Seek goodness. Seek peace. Seek love. And have hope. Everything will be okay.

My love to you all, my MPSS family! Xox S

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