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Why do you have stubborn fatty areas, and what can you do about them?Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

SculpSure can help eliminate up to 24 percent of stubborn fat around your love handles and abdomen.

Why do you have stubborn fatty areas, and what can you do about them?

Do you have unwanted fat but simply can't get rid of it no matter how much you exercise or diet? This is not uncommon. Two reasons people struggle to shed stubborn fatty areas is because ofgeneticsand age. Let's delve a bit more into each and offer an alternative medical solution that is relatively quick and simple and will cause you very little, if any, pain ordiscomfort.

1. Genetics
In one study published in Human Molecular Genetics, researchers found that some genes play a significant role in whether a person has a higher waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) than others.Researchers studied more than 57,000 people of European descent and found five new genes that could influence this ratio. Three affected men and women while two only affected the WHR of women.

While genes could play a role, remember, it's always best to talk to your doctor before making any conclusions. Prior to making a determination, he or she will evaluate your health and look more deeply into your family's history.

"Some genes play a significant role in whether a person has a higher waist-to-hip ratio than others."

2. Age
Were you 15 pounds lighter 10 years ago? This is not shocking. In general, as people age, muscle mass decreases and body fat increases. While you can still keep the pounds off as you grow older, time is against you. Not only is it naturally more difficult to shed the weight, but you may also have a busy lifestyle between work and family that prevents you from going to the gym or dieting regularly.

Numerous studies have also supported the notion that older adults have more problems than younger ones when it comes to keeping the weight off. For example, a study published in theCurrent Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Careconcluded that, in older adults, long periods of inactivity (such as bed rest) can actually decrease sarcopenic muscle mass. This, in turn, contributes to fat growth. Cheryl Phillips, president of the American Geriatrics Society, delvedinto this further in an interview with NPR.

"Muscle mass – the amount of muscle we have in our body – decreases with age," Phillips told the source. "So, if you look at a womanwho is 70 years old and compare her to what her body was like at 25 years of age, even though herweight may be exactly the same, she had more percentage of muscle in her body when she was 25 than she does when she's 70."

Phillipswent on todescribe our muscle cells as "the energy powerhouse(s) of our body." As people age, these cells sort of wear down and aren't able to burn the same amount of calories as they did before.

If you've been gaining weight as you get olderand think it has something to do with your age, don't despair. Schedule an appointment with plastic surgeon Dr. Taglienti of Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists for a SculpSure treatment. What is SculpSure? It's an innovative, lightweight, non-invasive treatment that can typically remove fat in under 30 minutes.

If this sounds too good be true, you'll be even more impressed with this: In that half hour, Dr. Taglienti may be able to eliminate upwards of 24 percent of extra fatin and around your love handles and abdomen. Unlike some painful surgical procedures, patients who undergo SculpSure usually feel very little to no pain. This is because the process uses 1060 wavelength technology that does not harm a person's dermal tissue and will not be absorbed into the dermis, which is a layer of skin right below the epidermis that holds blood vessels and other vital parts.

There is typically no down time, and patients resume their daily activities after treatment – including going to the gym! Most patients will start to see results at around 6 weeks after their treatment.

To see if you're a candidate for SculpSure, or more traditional liposuction, schedule a consultation with Dr. Taglienti of Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists and learn about your options for how to better eliminate stubborn body fat.

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