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4 frequently asked BOTOX questionsMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

If you have wrinkles BOTOX® is a viable, approved treatment option.

4 frequently asked BOTOX questions

Have you been noticing more and more wrinkles forming around your eyes and forehead? These are typically areas of the face people smooth out with BOTOX. Here are four common questions people have about the treatment:

"BOTOXis an injectablepeople typically use to treat wrinkles."

1. What is BOTOX?
BOTOX, aninjectablepeople typically use to manage wrinkles,contains purified botulinum toxin proteinand is the only product of its kind. You won't (or shouldn't) see generic brands of BOTOXon the market. This ensures the product you're receiving from your doctor is certifiably genuine.

2. How many people scheduleBOTOXtreatments?
According to a report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 6 million people had BOTOX treatments in 2014, which was up by over 350,000 from the previous year. Between the years 2000 and 2014, BOTOX procedures also increased by over 700 percent.

People should obviously avoid treatments if they're allergic to botulinum toxin. If they're pregnant, they should wait until their pregnancy is over to schedule a BOTOXprocedure.

3. Is the treatment painful?
BOTOX points out that some patients may feel a slight pinch when they receive treatments. However, specialists can often apply a cream to specific areas to increase their comfort level. If you experience discomfort during a BOTOX procedure, make sure to inform your doctor immediately.

4. How doesBOTOXaffect people?
BOTOXdoes not damage a person's nerves, but it does disrupt how the nerves communicate with surrounding muscles, according to Allure.However, this disruptionis normal and helps the muscles relax. The process doesn't take long, and medication like anesthesia typically doesn't have to be used.

For more information or to schedule your BOTOXprocedure, contact New York cosmetic surgeon Dr. James Marotta of MarottaPlastic Surgery Specialists.

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