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Who Is The ‘Minimally Invasive Patient?’Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Making a change is becoming more popular for those interested in noninvasive procedures.

Who Is The ‘Minimally Invasive Patient?’

New and continued research has found that thenumberof minimally invasive procedures performed each year is risingand shows no real signs of stopping.

“The majority of patients are middle-aged women, highly educated and employed.”

Arecent studytitled,“Motivations for Seeking Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedures in an Academic Outpatient Setting,” has beenconducted byauthors Joseph F. Sobanko, M.D.andAnthony J. Taglienti, M.D. Dr. Taglienti is currently a memberof the Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists team, and he expertly helps patients look as great as they feel.

In definingthe “minimally invasive patient,”both surgeons sought to better understand his or her demographic, motivation and how he or she can be assisted to achieve a desired appearance.An overwhelming majority of the patients felt that skincare was “critical to improving the appearance of aging in the face.”

Those polled in the study indicated that the skincare treatments most helpful for enhancing appearance were chemical peels, lasers and spa treatments. These procedures range in their capabilities, but all have one main goal: to rejuvenate the face. In addition to the skin as a whole, patients also sought to change:

  • Eyes: 78.8 percent
  • Cheeks: 28.1 percent
  • Lips: 15.4 percent
  • Nose: 7 percent
  • Neck: 21.1 percent

The study discovered that the majority of patients weremiddle-aged women, highly educated and employed in a stable job. Close to 30 percent of these patients had recently experienced a major life event, such as a death in the family or a breakup, and 43.1 percent reported a history of mental health treatment.

Many of these women are employed. This indicates that takinga substantial amount of time off for recovery may not be possible, especially if their family depends on their salary. Additionally, drastic life changesoften cause stress and disrupt daily routines. As a result, patients may seek to change things up to remedy the situation.

Participantsindicated that friends,the pressure to appear younger at work and family input were top reasons for making a change.

There are many different factors that can affect plastic surgery, but your happiness and health should always be the most important.If the findings of this study speak to you, or if youare curious about making a change or would like to learn more, visit our website or schedule a consultation today.

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