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What Are the Differences Between a Mid Facelift, a Mini Facelift and a Full Facelift? Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

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What Are the Differences Between a Mid Facelift, a Mini Facelift and a Full Facelift?

So, you’re thinking about getting a facelift? A facelift is a fantastic opportunity to set back the clock to create a more youthful image. But deciding to get one can be a bit tricky because maybe you don’t think it’s entirely necessary. Perhaps, you have a bit of a turkey neck but are happy with the other parts of your face, making you reconsider the surgical procedure. Or maybe your cheeks sag, but a facelift seems to be too extensive of a procedure. If these considerations have kept you from undergoing a facelift, it’s time to reconsider. A facelift is a procedure that can treat particular facial cosmetic flaws or be utilized as a method to do an entire upheaval of your image.

The surgical procedure can be customized based on your unique concerns. There are several types of facelift, each of which has its own unique benefits. Continue reading below to learn more about the differences between these facelift options.

Mid Facelift

A mid facelift, known as a cheek lift, is a surgical procedure specially designed to treat an area where signs of age appear earliest: the cheeks. The procedure can add more youthful contours beneath your eyes and above your mouth, making you have a refreshed image.

Who It’s For

A mid facelift is excellent if you have cheeks that sag. Sagging cheeks is an issue that often occurs because of volume loss in the midface region, resulting in a droopy appearance. A mid facelift is also ideal if you have developed deep nasolabial folds and are beginning to develop jowls. Many people correct these concerns by having a dermal filler injected, but this is only a temporary solution. A mid facelift offers long-lasting results.

The Procedure

A mid-facelift involves making small incisions around the hairline and ear. Through these small incisions, an endoscopic camera is inserted to tighten and smooth muscle. The procedure also involves elevating your cheek fat pads (malar pads) to create the appearance of more elevated cheekbones. Once the fat pads are in a suitable position for your unique facial structure, they are sutured and the incisions are closed. The entire procedure lasts approximately two hours.


A mid facelift can create dramatic results, shaving yours of age off your image. Your facial structure will have more prominent cheekbones that are taut and lacking in sags. When the procedure is complete, you may notice your cheeks are too defined, but they will gradually settle into a more natural position as time goes on. A mid facelift is not intended to impact the lower face or neck, but there are other options if that is what you desire to correct.

Mini Facelift

A mini facelift is an exceptional procedure that helps minimize sagging around the lower part of your face. The treatment is a slightly modified version of a traditional facelift that involves less excessive skin removal. At Marotta Plastic Surgery, Dr. Marotta has developed a unique method for a mini facelift known as EZ Lift™ that requires fewer incisions and a reduced recovery time.

Who It’s For

A mini facelift is an ideal procedure if you have minor concerns and aren’t ready for a general facelift. This surgical procedure is exceptional for treating lines and wrinkles found near the mouth and chin, loose skin around the neck and sagging around the chin. The procedure also works well in conjunction with additional treatments, such as an eyelift or dermal fillers, to further your results.

The Procedure

The surgical procedure involves making a small incision at the top of your ear and near your earlobe. Through these incisions, your tissues are lifted, excess skin is removed, and your remaining skin is lifted into a flattering position to your facial structure. Dissolvable sutures are then put into place, making the incisions less noticeable. The entire procedure usually lasts less than two hours.


Your mini facelift will create beautiful results that will have you looking more youthful and energetic. Although the procedure is not as extensive as a full facelift, it can still create dramatic results, especially when combined with additional treatments or procedures.

Full Facelift

A full facelift, also known as a traditional facelift, is an exciting opportunity to revamp your appearance completely. The procedure is more extensive than a mini facelift and a mid facelift but creates dramatic, long-lasting results.

Who It’s For

A full facelift is often considered the gold standard in facial rejuvenation. The surgical procedure can treat a wide range of cosmetic problems. If you struggle with a combination of sagging, wrinkles and lines across your face, a full facelift may be right for you. The procedure can treat sagging in the cheeks, sagging along the chin, nasolabial folds, marionette lines and bands across the neck.

The Procedure

As mentioned, a full facelift requires more extensive work. The procedure utilizes longer incisions because work is performed on a larger region of your face. Where incisions are made depends on the extent of the work you need and which areas you are targeted specifically. After the incisions have been made, your skin is separated from the muscles and deep tissues. Excess skin and tissues are removed. Your skin from your temples, cheeks and neck is then lifted and repositioned to be tauter. The incisions are then closed with sutures. The procedure can take two to five hours.


A full facelift creates long-lasting results that can last 8-12 years, or even longer as long as good health is maintained. After you have fully recovered, your face will be visibly younger. Your jawline and cheeks will be more defined, sags will be eliminated, and lines and wrinkles will no longer be an issue. A full facelift is an extensive procedure, but the results are phenomenal.

A facelift is a versatile treatment that can revive your image. A mini facelift is incredibly beneficial if minor cosmetic flaws are a concern for you. If your cheeks have lost their shape, a mid-facelift will do. A full facelift will completely rejuvenate your look.

If you are interested in learning more about a facelift and which technique will benefit your specific cosmetic concerns, please contact Marotta Plastic Surgery of Long Island, NY, at 631-212-8230 or visit our contact page.

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