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Treat your skin this winter with a micro-needling treatmentMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Have you sought out every facial change possible? What about micro-needling?

Treat your skin this winter with a micro-needling treatment

Winter, with its whipping windsand heavy snowfall can take a toll on the face, causing it to become dry and crackedinjust one trip outside. Freezing temperatures and low humidity coupled with cranked heat inside the home will wreak havoc on the skin if it's not kept in mind.

Some general skincare tips include:

  • Adding humidity to the home: With dropping temperatures outside and higher heat blasts indoors, the skin will become dry and cracked quickly. Once this occurs, it can be reversed, but may take time and lead to a temporary unsightly appearance. By creating moisture in the air using a humidifier, it can be absorbed by the skin and hair, making up for the amount lost outside.
  • Apply sunscreen: Although winter days may be cloudy and gray, the sun can still reach the face with its powerful rays. Be sure to wear sunscreen before heading outdoors, with at least 30 SPF.
  • Moisturize after showering: Taking long hot showers in the winter may seem tempting, but they will increasingly dry out the skin over time. Try to limit the amount of time spent in the shower to 10 minutes and be sure to apply a moisturizer after drying off.

Although patients may take steps to care for their skin during this time, not everything can be prevented. If the skin begins to dry out, appears dullor causes you tolookolder than you are, a micro-needling treatment may be the answer.

Over the course of many winters, the skin will take a beating. In addition to the natural aging process, wrinkle formation, sagging and scarring can occur. Micro-needling can improve the appearance and feel of the skin over the course of three to six treatments. Micro-needling keeps the skin fresh and rejuvenated by boosting collagen growth.

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