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Get plastic surgery in the winter to look your best next summerMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Winter is the best time to get plastic surgery.

Get plastic surgery in the winter to look your best next summer

Plastic surgery and non-invasive cosmetic procedures require some recovery and time to assess if you're happy with the results, making winter the optimal time to get any operations. This allows you plenty of time to assess your new looks and be ready to look your best for the followingsummer.

According to Beauty World News, winter is the best time to get any cosmetic procedure done even if it isn't focused on your bathing suit form, because there is more time to rest and relax at home in the winter to recover.

"Most people want to take the plunge into plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures during the spring and summer because they're focused on looking their best in a bathing suit," one plastic surgeon told the news source. "But the summer months aren't the time to do that. Not only does exposure to the sun slow recovery, nobody wants to be cooped up with bandages in July."

Furthermore, the bulkier, comfortable clothing of winter is better to cover up signs ofplastic surgery as they heal, and prevent restrictive clothing from interfering with the recovery process. The lack of sun exposure in the winter also improves healing rates for minimally-invasive facial cosmetic procedures, such as chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing and similar procedures.

Another benefit of getting plastic surgery done in the winter is the psychological benefits of the procedure, helping to ward off seasonal affective disorder. Many people become depressed in the winter due to the shorter days and increased time cooped up indoors, but enhancing one's appearance can be uplifting, reversing these effects and leading toward happier days.

If you're considering any cosmetic procedures this winter, contact Dr. James Marotta, the best plastic surgeon on Long Island, for more details.

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