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Even out your skin tone with microdermabrasionMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Microdermabrasion can even your skin tone and give you a youthful glow.

Even out your skin tone with microdermabrasion

A clear and even skin tone can take years off of your face, giving you a young, healthy and vibrant appearance. Unfortunately, aging, acne and and genetics, among other factors, can make that look harder to achieve. Luckily, there's a simple, nonsurgical procedure called microdermabrasion that will give your face the smooth and ageless glow you're looking for. The procedure, which removes dead cells from the surface of the skin, is known for minimizing acne scars and reducing fine lines.

In addition to being safe, minimally invasive and free of side effects, microdermabrasion is effective. In fact, many celebrities whose complexions are constantly under the microscope thanks to high-def award and talk show broadcasts and persistent paparazzi have it done regularly, according to Glamour.

"When HDTV kicked in, it became our most sought-after pre-awards show procedure," New York dermatologist David Colbert tells the magazine.

Even if you're not a celeb, you can still be red carpet-ready on a daily basis with the help of microdermabrasion. The procedure, which requires no real downtime and is done in 30- to 60-minute sessions, can make other skin treatments more effective. If you've been moisturizing daily to no avail, dead skin cells on the surface of your face may be to blame. Microdermabrasion can help you receive the maximum benefit of your current skin care routine.

While there are over-the-counter microdermabrasion kits available, it's always best to have your skin cared for by a professional – especially when it comes to your face.

If you're considering microdermabrasion to improve your skin tone and achieve a youthful glow, contact Dr. James Marotta, the best plastic surgeon on Long Island.

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