Creating the body you want is no easy task. Toning and firming your abdomen, thighs and buttocks can take months of hard work that requires a strict diet plan and exercise regimen. Or perhaps you’ve already attained the body you wanted. You achieved that six-pack or firmed your butt, creating a beach bod that anyone would be excited to show off — but life got in the way, causing you to slip back into bad habits and a body you don’t feel confident flaunting.

We all want a body we feel proud of, and with recent advancements in technology, that goal is possible even for casual exercisers. CoolTone is a nonsurgical treatment that can sculpt and tone parts of the body for a more physically fit appearance. It’s one of the latest FDA-approved body sculpting technologies that offers patients an alternative to strengthening muscle tissue in the gym. Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists of Long Island is proud to offer CoolTone, created by Allergan, a leading company in medical aesthetics, at our Marotta MedSpa. If you’re ready to tone, then you’re ready for CoolTone.

What Is CoolTone Body Sculpting and How Does It Work?

CoolTone is a muscle-toning device designed initially for rehabilitation therapy. In June 2019, it became FDA-approved as a cosmetic body contouring treatment for the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. CoolTone works by using magnetic muscle simulation (MMS), which is a process that uses electromagnetic energy to create involuntary muscle contractions. These contractions are more powerful than the voluntary contractions that occur during exercise, and the body responds by strengthening muscle fibers and improving muscle conditioning.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate For CoolTone?

CoolTone is an appropriate procedure for men and women seeking a more defined appearance for their buttocks, thighs or abdomen. CoolTone is most effective for patients who are close to their target weight because improvements in muscle tone are most visible with a lower body fat percentage. Patients with more weight can use CoolTone, but may require more treatment sessions for results to be noticeable. Often, patients use CoolTone to jumpstart positive lifestyle changes because it promotes a healthier physique and can make some feel more comfortable about their appearance in the gym.

Patients wanting increased muscle mass and definition in the following areas may benefit from CoolTone:

  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks

CoolTone is not for everyone. It should not be applied in certain areas of the body, over areas with active skin conditions or in areas with metal or electronic implants or devices. Women who are near menstruation may find that it starts sooner or that cramping is intensified with CoolTone treatments; therefore, it is recommended not to undergo treatment during this time of the month.

The best way to determine if CoolTone treatments are right for you is to schedule an in-person consultation at Marotta MedSpa.

What to Expect During Your CoolTone Treatment at Marotta MedSpa

After an initial consultation with our body aesthetic specialist to ensure you’re a suitable candidate for CoolTone, you will be walked through the procedure and any questions you might have will be answered. During the treatment, our body aesthetic specialist will place a paddle-like applicator on your chosen treatment area while you are lying comfortably. The device will be turned on and the electromagnetic energy will begin to stimulate the muscles, bypassing the skin and fat layers without any harm. CoolTone can cause up to 25,000 supramaximal muscle contractions in one 30-minute session.

You may experience warm, intense muscle contractions at the beginning of your treatment. The sensation may feel strange at first, but it typically resolves within a few minutes. Patients comfortably spend the majority of a CoolTone session watching TV, reading or relaxing.

What Are the Results of CoolTone and How Long Will They Last?

CoolTone is a noninvasive treatment that requires no anesthetic or downtime. You are free to return to daily activities immediately afterward; the treatment is considered a lunchtime procedure because it’s performed quickly and you can go right back to work if needed. Since CoolTone causes powerful contractions in the treated muscles, you may feel sore where the device was applied, much like the soreness you experience after an intense workout. This may persist for a day or two after your session.

Results may be visible after one treatment. However, for most patients, several sessions of CoolTone are needed to achieve optimal results. We typically recommend four to six CoolTone treatments scheduled twice a week for two to three weeks. By the fourth treatment, most patients see clear improvements. Their muscles are firmer and more defined, and patients say they feel noticeably stronger.

To retain your results, you’re expected to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. While CoolTone can contour your body and create a more toned or muscular figure, the improvements aren’t permanent. Your physique will gradually change if not maintained, just as it would if you stopped working out. You may find it helpful to return for subsequent treatments every six months to preserve your results.

How Does CoolTone Differ From Other Body Sculpting Treatments?

Nonsurgical body sculpting treatments have become popular because they don’t require anesthesia or create scars. Some body sculpting procedures are designed for fat reduction, while others, such as CoolTone, are intended for building muscle mass. CoolTone is not recommended for patients looking to lose weight because the treatment does not affect fatty tissues.

SculpSure, also offered at Marotta MedSpa, may be a beneficial treatment for patients who want to target unwanted fat. Our body aesthetic specialist may recommend combining SculpSure and CoolTone to simultaneously target fat and muscle, the two key components of a trim and toned physique.

CoolTone At Marotta MedSpa

You’ve been working hard at the gym to gain muscle mass and definition. Unfortunately, a disciplined diet and exercise regimen don’t guarantee you’ll be able to sculpt the fit, chiseled figure you desire. CoolTone is a noninvasive treatment that can help you achieve the tone you’re lacking in your thighs, buttocks or abs. Use it to renew your dedication to fitness or put the finishing touches on your gym body. We’re excited to be one of the first providers offering this innovative new device on Long Island.

If you’re interested in learning more about CoolTone or other body sculpting techniques offered at Marotta MedSpa, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 631-982-2022 or visit our contact page.