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Study shows no additional danger for older plastic surgery patientsMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Plastic surgery is just as safe for patients over 65 as it is for those under.

Study shows no additional danger for older plastic surgery patients

There have been concerns that anti-aging operations and other cosmetic procedures were riskier for senior citizens, but a recent study reveals they are equally safe for patients of all ages. A group of surgeons at Vanderbilt University Medical Center assessed data from more than 129,000 patients over a five-year period to determine safetylevels of various procedures at different ages, finding no significant difference between safety for those above or below the age of 65.

"An increasing number of elderly patients are undergoing cosmetic surgeries every year," said Max Yezhelyev, author of the study and a plastic surgery resident at Vanderbilt. "Our study demonstrated that patients over 65 can safely undergo cosmetic procedures with a complications rate similar to younger patients when surgery is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon."

Yezhelyez went on to note that the similarities in cosmetic surgerysafety for patients of all ages has never been shown on such a large scale before.

While there was a slight difference in post-procedure complications, it was so minute as to make little difference in the long run – a mere 1.94 percent of elderly patients reported complications, compared to 1.84 percent for the younger group.

The only, again minor, jump occurredwith patients over the age of 80, who reported about a 2.2 percent rate of post-operative complications.

An unrelated statistic that came to light during the study was that a higher percentage of males in the older group underwent plastic surgery operations than younger – 11.3 percent compared to 6.2 percent, respectively.

Facial plastic surgery procedures were significantly more common among older patients, which could have affected the complications comparison as well. Just under 63 percent of older patients underwent facial surgery operations, compared to a mere 12 percent in the younger demographic.

In fact, the only procedure that had a marked difference in post-operative complications was abdominoplasty, and it was still only a 1.5 percent variance.

For the study, the mean age of senior patients was 69.1, while the mean age of younger patients was 39.2. The information used was collected from the CosmetAssure database for the period between May 2008 to May 2013.

Attending a board certified facial plastic surgeon is the most important factor in minimizing post-operative risks, regardless of age. This ensures that the surgeon performing your operation, whether it's a chemical peel or rhinoplasty, is appropriately trained and licensed, practicing all of the necessary safety precautions to ensure aswift recovery.

If you're considering a cosmetic procedure, contact the best plastic surgeon on Long Island, Dr. James Marotta. Dr. Marotta is a dual board certified surgeon by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Head and Neck Surgery, and can help you make the best decisions regarding your appearance.

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