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New cosmetic procedure uses a computer to make patients 'scientifically beautiful'Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Facial symmetry is a vital part of the plastic surgery process.

New cosmetic procedure uses a computer to make patients 'scientifically beautiful'

A new cosmetic treatment is on the horizon, and for those searching for the "perfect" face, science may havethe answer. According to The Daily Mail, "Facial Profiling"softwareis being used to create facial proportions that have beendeemed "scientifically beautiful." After analyzing proportions of the face, "geometric ratios" are used to define beauty across the entire face, instead of just focusing on one specific area such as the lips or the cheeks.

The procedures are being completed with the use of the computer program Anaface​, which "takes 17 data points and performs hundreds of complex geometric calculations to determine in numbers what the human eye perceives automatically." These 17 points include the upper forehead, the corners of the eyes, hairline, lips and lower cheeks. The sides of the nose as well as the chin are also factored into the overall outcome.

After doing this, the exact proportions of the face are rendered within the system, making it easier for surgeons to determine changes that will best benefit the patient.Possible surgeries are then discussed with the patient, as is the manner in which they can be performed. Depending on thepatient's desires, these procedures can be performed using surgical or non-surgical means. Some of these include dermal fillers, a facelift, cheek and lip augmentations.

If you're interested in learning more about facial symmetry and its effect on plastic surgery, the rest of the findings can be seen here. To learn more about plastic surgery or how you can benefit from having a procedure done, schedule a consultation with dual board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. James Marotta today.

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