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New study delves deeper into the influx of males undergoing cosmetic proceduresMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

More men are looking into dermal fillers and other cosmetic treatments, but the reasoning behind the influx hasn't always been clear, until now.

New study delves deeper into the influx of males undergoing cosmetic procedures

It's no secret that individuals who undergo noninvasive cosmetic procedures no longer fit into one key demographic. An industry that was once oriented directly toward older females now helps address the insecurities of individuals of all ages and genders who want to feel better about the person they see in the mirror. Perhaps the fastest sector of the population to look into such treatment has been males, and a recent study aimsto dissect these assertions to see exactly what men are looking for in these treatments and why.

A TampaBay-based nonsurgical cosmetic facility recently soughtto find if sexual orientation played a part in an individual's choice to undergo a procedure, and the findings are rather surprising.

For starters, the driving force behind most males' choice to seek a cosmetic procedure from the study facility is by and large the same across the board: A tough economy and increased competition in the job market has made many male's feel that a face-value impression will give them an edge.

"Women have recovered nicely following the Great Recession, but men haven't fared as well," Dr. Cynthia Elliott, owner of the facility where the study took place, said in a press release. "The majority of my male patients come to me for quick procedures that have subtle results and require little downtime—they want to look younger while still maintaining their masculinity."

However, the biggest divergence the organization found between heterosexual and homosexual male patients is how invasive a procedure they are willing to undergo. It attributed this to the fact that different communities, particularly LGBT populations, are ahead of the curve in accepting cosmetic procedures as an often necessary or even relatable choice.

No matter what your gender or sexual orientation, Long Island plastic surgeon Dr. Marotta will do all he can to make sure you are satisfied with any procedure you're considering.

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