New procedure: Micro-Needling with Rejuvapen

There are lots of issues that can crop up with skin over the course of our lives. In addition to the wrinkles that form naturally as we age, there are also scars and sagging to contend with. No matter how well you might take care of yourself, there is only so much you can do in order to control the look and feel of your skin. This is especially true if you are somebody who is afraid of going under the knife for a more invasive professional cosmetic procedure. 

But this can all change with just a few simple visits to us here at Marotta Aesthetics & Laser. If you are looking to improve how your skin feels – and want to recapture some of the youthful beauty that has left it – all you need to do is try out our new procedure, Micro-Needling with Rejuvapen. This is a completely non-invasive process that can help to treat any pronounced wrinkles, tighten skin that has become looser with age as well as many other treatments!

Our fully-trained and certified nurses administer the Rejuvapen, which stimulates collagen to the necessary parts of the face. It can be done in anywhere from three to six treatments, and can even be combined with placenta rich plasma (PRP) or the Vampire Facelift for even greater collagen boosting results! Whether you are looking to get rid of your unsightly stretch marks or treat UV damage from the sun, our new Micro-Needling with Rejuvapen procedure is just what you need.

In order to learn more about this process or any of the other anti-aging solutions we offer, be sure to contact us here at Marotta Aesthetics & Laser!