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Beauty tips for women over 45, from women over 45Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Eating right, getting plenty of exercise and reducing stress are key anti-aging tips for older women.

Beauty tips for women over 45, from women over 45

As we age, our health needs change, and so do the requirements forkeeping our skin healthy and beautiful. In a recent issue of Parade, the healthand beauty needs of women over the age of 45were explored with actress Andie MacDowell.

Stephanie Stephens, the author of the article, asked MacDowell what anti-aging solutions she usesand what she does to minimize stress in her life.

"I am 100 percent sure that it's what you eat," MacDowell said of how she defies aging. "Just think about what food does inside the body. So much shows up on your face, not just what you eat, but whether you sleep, whether you're worried, or if you don't exercise and sweat. So many people want a shortcut, but you must do some things, even though it's a really simple formula. I want to do it, but I realize some people don't. Oh, and I drink lots of water and it makes an enormous difference."

MacDowell also emphasized exercise, such as yoga and hiking, sleep and spending time in nature as key ways to de-stress. Stress and worrying have been linked directly to hormonal changes and the release of cortisol, which can affect skin healthand vitality.

As aging is an addressable concern, and women of all ages should consider their skin healthand beauty needsearly on. In order to eliminate those fine lines and wrinkles, dermal fillers and Botox injections can help.

Marotta Aesthetics and Laser offers a variety of non-surgical facelift options to eliminate the signs of aging and turn back the clock for your skin. Make an appointment today with the best plastic surgeon on Long Island.

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