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Iggy Azalea becomes latest celebrity to undergo a nose procedureMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Iggy performs at an Irving Plaza concert. Photo credit: Laura Murray

Iggy Azalea becomes latest celebrity to undergo a nose procedure

In the September 2015 issue of Seventeen Magazine, Iggy Azalea discussed her recent nose surgery, becoming one of the thousands of patients who optforrhinoplastyeach year.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2014 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report, more than 217,000 rhinoplasty procedures were performed last year. It remains one of the five most popularsurgical procedures, sitting at number two, just after breast augmentations.

Making it both similar to and different from other cosmeticsurgeries,rhinoplasty isoften performed to fix problematic breathingconditions or alleviate stress often associated with bullying that patientsmay suffer because their nose is bigger than they would like or shaped in an unappealing manner.

Dual-board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. James Marotta of Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists has specialized training in nasal surgery, which enables him to achieve the highest and most functional breathing results.

Many patients undergo a rhinoplasty for a number of different reasons, including better facial proportions and appearance, restoring appearance after an injury or correcting breathing issues. Often, septal surgery and a rhinoplasty are combined to fulfill these desires. By straightening a deviated septum and reshaping the nose to achieve a more pleasing appearance, aSeptorhinoplastyallows patients to obtain the best results possible.

In addition to a normal rhinoplasty routine, Dr. Marotta also has experience performing surgeries to fix fractured noses. If after a nasal fracture occurs your nose is crooked or you experience issues breathing, having a revision surgery within one to two weeks of the break can make a huge difference.

As with any major surgery, be sure you understand each part of the procedure and how it will affect your overall outcome. To lean more about a rhinoplasty or other nose surgery, schedule a consultation with usor visit our website.

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