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3 things to consider before undergoing a breast reductionMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Breast size can impact daily life for many patients.

3 things to consider before undergoing a breast reduction

If you're dissatisfiedwith the appearance of your breasts, there are a number of surgeries available that can help achieve your most desired appearance.

Although many patients choose to undergo a breast augmentation or lift, for others, the problem lies in the actual size of the breasts. Breast reduction, also known as areduction mammaplasty, is a procedure that removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin to create a more proportionate appearance. By doing so, patients often feel better about their appearance, and self-confidence increases.

"Larger breasts place stress on other areas of the body such as the shoulders and neck."

For some women, breasts that are too large can cause serious issues in daily life, as well as normal activities that others can complete with little to no issues. For most, the decision to undergo a breast reduction is based on two main issues:emotional and physical pain. Larger breasts place stress on other areas of the body such as the shoulders, neck and back. Skin irritation both below the bra line and where the bra straps sit can occur as well.

There are many ways to perform a breast reduction surgery, and the exact technique chosen will be picked during your consultation with Dr. Anthony Taglienti of Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists. Some of the considerations both patients and Dr. Taglienti will consider include personal preference, desired reduction amount and actual composition of the breasts.

What should patients consider before undergoing this type of procedure?

First, consider why you want the change. Plastic surgery is a personal choice, one that should be chosen for your own desires. A recent study found that patients who underwent a breast reduction experienced less daily pain, as well as enjoyedbetterquality sleep.

Next, think of the outcome. Although surgery is the most precise it can be, complications can arise at times. The full outcome you desire may not be completely achieved in the same manner you expected.

Finally, be sure you have enough time to properly recover from the surgery.

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