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Recent study finds that breast preferences can vary depending on locationMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

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Recent study finds that breast preferences can vary depending on location

There have alwaysbeen many risks associated with undergoing plastic surgery abroad, but they have especially come to light in the last few years. In addition to the obvious risks, such as complications, costs and recuperation issues,a recent study published in theAnnals of Plastic Surgeryfinds that where a patient undergoes a surgical procedurefor breasts can have an affect on the ultimate outcome.

The study found that surgeons from different areas of the world have different definitions of the ideal beauty standard in terms of areola and breast size, swaying their opinion of how a surgery should be conducted, or what the final appearance may be.

The international study concluded that:

  • German surgeons prefer the smallest areola size possible.
  • Surgeons from India prefer a fuller look in regards to breast fullness, whereas those from France prefer the least amount of breast fullness.
  • U.S. surgeons, as well as those from India and France, prefer large areolas, as opposed to those from Brazil who prefer the largest size.

These differences, discovered through a series of changes the surgeons made to areola size and breast fullness in an digital environment, can be attributed to cultural differences as well as personal preference.

"In a global environment, patients who seek surgery in another country may not be happy with their result," said Dr. Neil Tanna,a researcher with the study.

Surgeon preference wasn't affected based on ethnicity, but was impacted by age, with most older surgeons preferring less upper breast fullness as well as larger areolas.

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