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Plastic surgery to remove piercing marks growing in popularityMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Many with piercings and tattoos who are looking to change their appearance turn to plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery to remove piercing marks growing in popularity

Facial piercings and larger earlobe jewelry has a certain appeal to younger generations, but many wish to change their look as they age. Yet many of these body modifications leave scarsas tell-tale signs of theiryouth. Today, more people are turning to plastic surgery to get these scars removed, relying on cosmetic proceduresto give them a smooth, unmarked face once again.

According to The Guardian, plastic surgeons are reporting an increased number of patients looking to have larger stretched earlobes repaired after removing large gauge earrings, sometimes referred to as flesh tunnels.

"There's a lot of negativity around about ear-stretching. We recently treated a golf professional who was joining the Professional Golfers' Association. They wouldn't let him join with stretched ears," one cosmetic surgeon, Adrian Richards, told the news source. "I've treated a man who was in a punk band but then became a teacher and needed his ears repaired. We even had a soldier on Wednesday who had 2cm tunnels in each ear.

Facial piercings and other markings often leave scars that are undesirable later in life. Many tribal cultures have used facial scarring as marks of honor, or dishonor, but as theseindividuals migrate to cities, they find these marks can affect social interactions, as well as their ability to get jobs. According to Vanguard, many with tribal markings consider getting plastic surgery to remove them when entering urban society.

Laser skin resurfacing and other techniques can help remove the signs of scarring, although deep tissue scars can never be fully removed. Contact the Long Island cosmetic surgery offices of Dr. James Marotta for more information on the procedures you may be interested in.

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