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LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINEMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

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Happy Tuesday, Team Marotta! Notice how I lead with the word “happy?” I do that because happiness is something we all search for in life. Happiness is important in your personal life as well as in your work. At work, we have the habit of focusing on gratitude in our weekly “Friday Reflection” meetings when we list what we are most grateful for. The practice of giving thanks is known to increase happiness. Another habit for increasing happiness is the practice of cultivating optimism, which was the focus of my posts last week.


This week, I’d like to focus on another way to increase happiness in your life – LAUGHTER. We all know the expression “laughter is the best medicine.” That’s because laughter is known to help reduce stress, boost our mood, improve immune system and relieve pain. All things we could use, especially at this time. Sure, there are temporary fixes of happiness that we all enjoy – food, alcohol, shopping, (fill in your vice here). They give us joy. But that joy is only temporary. In fact, in many cases, those very fixes that we enjoy in the moment leave us feeling kind of crappy or guilty after the fact. My goal is to help you focus on things that can bring you TRUE happiness. Happiness to your core! I want this for each and every one of you because I truly care about your well being and want good things for you and your families.

So… I encourage you to continue to reflect on our other tools for achieving happiness (gratitude and optimism) and I encourage you to join me this week in adding to that by focusing on LAUGHTER!

Today, I’d like to ask you to share something that makes you laugh. It can be a story from your life, an experience you had, a funny situation you managed to get into, something from our work lives that makes everyone crack up – whatever it is, please share! Let’s get try to make each others’ sides hurt with laughter today. I’m hoping for true LOL’s and tears streaming down your face! I can’t wait to see what you share! Xoxox S

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