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Latest cosmetic changes are less invasive than usualMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

How can injectables change the appearance of your face?

Latest cosmetic changes are less invasive than usual

Plastic surgery procedures are changing, especially in terms of what patients actually desire.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, U.S. residents underwent 1.7 million cosmetic surgical procedures last year, with breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and liposuction topping the most desired lists. Although many chose to have these procedures done, others wanted a less invasive change, one that would be just as apparent, but require minimal surgical as well as downtime.

Minimally invasive procedures can be described as those completed with the use of dermal fillers and injections. One of the most popular injections used in the U.S. right now is Botox. This injection treats wrinkles on the face caused by underlying muscle contractions. By blocking the impulses from the nerves to the facial muscle, the muscles are able to relax and the skin becomes smoother.

About 6.7 million Botox procedures were completed during 2014, a 6 percent increase from 2013 alone.

Injectables in general are a great way to fight the aging process, treat wrinkles, and restore volume. Volume loss can be extremely aging, and can cause the face to become gaunt and drawn. By treating these deficient areas with filler, such as Juvederm, Juvederm Voluma, and Radiesse, a more youthful contour can be achieved.

Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists offers a range of injections including Sculptra, Voluma, Restylane and others. All of our injectable treatments are expertly performed by Dr. James Marotta, Dr. Anthony Taglienti, and our trained nurse injectors.

To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, visit our website.

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MarottaMD utilizes VECTRA® XT A complete 3D Imaging Solution for Body, Breast, and Face.

We are able to capture face, breast, and body images in ultra-high resolution 3D, to show our patients the exciting possibilities of their simulated aesthetic procedures.

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When you schedule your consultation with Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists, you can feel secure that the decision you are making is the right one for you. Dr. Marotta’s expertise and skill make him a top Long Island plastic surgeon who enjoys answering your questions. Schedule your consultation today to begin your journey to looking good and feeling good.

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