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Is "Blowtox" the next new thing?Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

What does your hair look like after your most intense workout?

Is "Blowtox" the next new thing?

As Botox continues its surge as a big player in the cosmetic surgery field, many women are turning to its capabilities for different issues they face daily.

Many women face hairtroublesthroughout their lifetime, especially during hot, muggy days. In addition to the weather, daily activities such as working out, going for a walk during lunch or even just playing outside with the family dog can create frizz or unkempt hair.

Women are now turning to a different source for help. Instead of letting their hair control their life, they are taking charge of their hair, specifically the hairline. Botox, known for its rejuvenating facial abilities and diffusing of wrinkles, is now being used to tame hair and keep it aestheticallypleasingduring any event a women may attend.

Botox injections placed in strategic locations along the hairline can stop excessive sweating. Similar to those who receive injection under their arms to stop sweating, "Blowtox" can change the way a woman feels about herself and the way she is able to carry out her day-to-day.

According to Fast Company, U.S. women spend an estimated $42 billion in hair salons, and another $11.6 billion on hair care products annually.

As study after study has shown a rise in the importance of physical appearances, more and more women are spending extended amounts of time onhow they look.

In a poll conducted by Today and AOL, women reported spending almost an hour every day on their appearance. Getting Botox injections to preserve hair even through the most grueling workout or trip, may just be the next big thing.

To learn more about Botox injections or other cosmetic changes, schedule a consultation with dual board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. James Marotta today.

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