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Start the new year right with show-stopping cat eyesMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Nothing is more striking than a sleek cat eye.

New Year's Eve may have come and gone, but there will still be plenty of opportunities to glam it up in 2014. Now is the perfect time to develop a signature style for the new year, and with so many 1960s trends enjoying a revival, what better look to adopt than a sleek and sexy cat eye?

Recently, makeup artist Lauren Cosenza spoke to Cosmopolitan about this enduring and ever-chic trend.

1. Overcome your fear of liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is what makes this look, but it can be intimidating for the shakey-handed among us (and can be a nuisance to remove if your hand slips!). The key to application is confidence, so don't second-guess yourself as you apply and you may find that the shakes have all but disappeared.

2. Tackle the wings first

Before moving along the lash line, use liquid liner to create the winged flourishes that makes this look pop. This can be the most frustrating part of application, so at least you won't have to start from scratch if you're unhappy with the initial results. "Begin at the outer corner of your eye, angling the brush toward your temple (not the tail of your brow) for a more everyday (versus night) kind of look," says Cosenza.

3. Connect the dots if necessary

If you've never mastered a smooth straight line across your lids, now isn't the time to force it. Cosenza recommends making small dashes that you simply connect all the way across your upper lash line.

4. Finish off with a triangle

After you've completed a line along your eye, revisit the wings and create a small triangle by making a diagonal line from the end of the tail to the line you just completed. Fill this in and voila, perfect cat eye!

Stay tuned for more fantastic makeup tips for 2014, and contact Marotta Aesthetics & Laser for chemical peels, skin analysis and other beauty treatments.

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